Reports and Analytics

Using Analytics

The analytics tab provides powerful features and functions to analyze your data in various different ways whilst keeping it simple and user friendly.


Using the Analytics features
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Analyzing your KPIs

  1. To begin analyzing any of your KPIs, Select your primary KPI from the 'Select a KPI' drop-down list

The chart window will update to show you your KPI performance across the date range you selected.

Hovering over any of the points on the graph a pop-up window will display the actual figures for that period of time.

By default the analytics chart view will show the amalgamated value of the KPI you have selected. You can filter this view by group or individual users:

  1. Click the user or group drop-down and select the user and/or group you wish to filter the view
  2. Click done

The view will now display your KPI values for only the users or groups you have selected.

  1. To clear this filter, simply de-select the values in the filter drop-downs and click done

The chart view comes with several options to help provide a more meaningful chart. You can access the chart option from the top of the chart view window, then you can use the chart options to:

  • View Daily
  • View Weekly
  • View Monthly
  • View Quarterly
  • View Yearly
  • You can also change the orientation of the graph by clicking the Reverse Graph Icon
  • When comparing two KPIs you can set the same y axis by selecting the 'Y axis' icon

Date Controls

The data controls come pre-loaded with a variety of commonly used date periods.

  1. To select a date period click the drop down date control
  2. Select a standard date period

The graph will automatically update to display the data based on your date selection. You can also set your own date range from the date drop-down menu.

  1. Click the date drop-down control
  2. Click the date range option
  3. Select a start date using the left hand calendar controls and click on one of the days to select the date
  4. Select an end date using the right hand calendar control
  5. Click Done

The chart will now display the data based on your date range options.


Comparing KPIs and Dates

By using the optional date and KPI drop-downs located beneath the main KPI and Date drop-downs it is possible to compare KPIs against each other, different dates and a combination of the two.

  1. To compare two different KPIs, select the Compare to KPI drop-down and choose the KPI
  2. From the dates drop-down set the primary date and the compare to date and click done

The chart will automatically update showing both KPIs on the chart.

  1. To clear your selections click the clear button

Using groups and Filters

The area of the screen directly below the chart provides the data of the entries. This area also lists your groups and users. To 'Drill into' this data click on the group name in the groups list or the group item in the data grid. When clicking on a group item the system will show all users within this group along with their KPI data for the selected KPI.

To reset this view click on the breadcrumb next to the KPI name.

When using the filters in this section the results will only update the data view and not the chart.


Saving Analytics views

  1. To save any of your analytics views simply click the [+ Save a s a new view] link from the left hand menu
  2. Enter a new name for your view
  3. Your new view will now appear in the left hand menu
  4. To edit or delete the view, hover over the name until the edit and delete icons appear

When editing a saved analytics view you can save any changes by clicking the 'Edit this view' pencil icon next to the view name on the left hand menu and clicking the 'Save' button.