Importing Users

Importing your users via a spread sheet can save you time.

Importing Users
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To import your users from a spread sheet:

Your upload spreadsheet must be in the SimpleKPI format before it will upload successfully, you can download an example template for importing your users from here.

  1. Click on the Mange My: Users tab from the main navigation bar
  2. Click on the Import Users button
  3. Click the Select the browse button
  4. Locate your file locally
  5. Click Upload and Import
  6. You can also drag a file to the upload area to upload your spreadsheet.

Your imported users will now appear in the user list.


The users spread sheet structure.

In order to import a spread sheet with your Users directly into the system the spread sheet must conform to the following column headers. Only three of the column headers require mandatory information to enable the import.

  • FirstName – Mandatory
  • LastName Mandatory
  • Email – Mandatory
  • Password – Optional
  • UserType – Optional
  • Group – Optional