Adding Users

Users can be added to your SimpleKPI account and can be set-up to support a number of scenarios such as:

  • To enter data and see their own performance
  • To manage a team of other users and their performance
  • To see organizational KPI performance
Adding Users
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  1. To add users to your account: Click on the Users button in the manage my drop-down

There are two ways to add users to your account.

Adding users manually

  1. To add user manually click on the add a new user button
  2. Enter the users Name, Last Name, Email address and a temporary password.
  3. Select a group to assign your user to (you can find out more about setting up groups here)
  4. Select a type of user and their privileges (you can find out more about privileges here)
  5. Click Save

Your new user is now added to your users list

  1. To edit a user's details click the orange edit icon