Assigning KPIs to Users

SimpleKPI offers the functionality to assign a KPI to one or more users. Any KPIs you create will automatically be assigned to the account owner and admin users. This is great if there are single KPIs for the organization that need to be recorded by a single person.

However in reality a single KPI is more commonly used across multiple users, for example if you had a sales KPI for each of your users in the sales department for them to enter their data against. This would allow you to see Sales performance for individuals as well as the sales department.

You only need to set-up a KPI once, when you assign a KPI to a user the system automatically knows that the data entered is for the users KPI.

Assigning KPIs to users
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To assign KPIs to your users

  1. Click the Users button from the 'manage my' drop down menu
  2. Click either the orange edit icon or the green assigned KPIs link
  3. Click the Users KPIs button located below the user's name

You can choose to add all KPIs from a category or a single KPI to a user by either selecting the 'Select a KPI' or 'KPI Category' drop-downs

  1. For example, to add all KPIs within a category to a user, click the KPI Category drop-down and select the category you wish to use
  2. Click Add KPIs
  3. Click Save Targets

Once you have assigned KPIs to your users they will appear in their 'Data Entry' Screen.

Users do not share or contribute to the same KPI in the system. Once a KPI has been assigned the data entered is assigned to that KPI for that specific user only.