Importing Data into SimpleKPI

As well as entering data manually into your SimpleKPI account using the Data Entry Tab, you can also automate data entry in a number of different ways.

Importing Data
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Importing data from a spread sheet

One of the easiest ways to bulk load your data is by using a spread sheet containing your data.

Your data will have to be structured in the predefined template in order to import into the system. Once you have set up your KPIs you can download your own KPI template by clicking on the Here's a template file link in the import from an excel drop down menu.

To upload a spread sheet containing your data:

  1. Go to the Data Entry Tab
  2. Click the 'Import data' Button
  3. Select your KPI Spread sheet file
  4. Click Upload and Import

Once your file has been successfully loaded the data will appear in your account

Data Structure

The KPI template must conform to the following column structure in order for it to be loaded into SimpleKPI.

  • Email: The email address of the user that has the KPI assigned to them.
  • KPI ID: The unique ID number given to each KPI
  • KPI Name: The name of your KPI
  • Date: The date of the entry
  • Target: (Optional) the target amount for the KPI Entry
  • Actual: the data entry
  • Notes: (Optional) Any notes against the KPI

Additional Data Structures

There is also a secondary data structure that is compatible with SimpleKPI, this involves arranging the column names to match the names of the KPI. Please note that this data input structure does not allow for notes, Targets and KPI ID’s to be entered against a KPI. It is therefore only suitable for bulk loading KPI data when there are either no targets or the targets are consistent and there are no notes to be added to the entries.


Create a spread sheet with the following columns:

  • User – The email address of the user you wish to enter data against
  • Date – The date of the KPI Entry
  • Subsequent columns should be named exactly the same as the KPI Name in your system.

Emailing Data to your account

SimpleKPI also supports emailing of a spread sheet to your unique SimpleKPI address where the spread sheet is automatically uploaded into the system.

To send a spread sheet to your SimpleKPI email address:

  1. Go to the settings option in the manage my drop-down
  2. Under Company info make a note of your unique SimpleKPI email address

Note: Only admin and owner users have access to the system settings. Additionally the email spread sheet functionality is only available to standard and enterprise plans.

  1. Create your spread sheet as per the structure detailed above
  2. Email the spread sheet as an attachment to your unique SimpleKPI email address

Developer API

You can automate data feeds to and from SimpleKPI using the Developer API. The API will allow you to use XML or JSON.

To integrate the developer API you may need to obtain specialist development skills.


To access the API you will need your unique authentication code which can be obtained by:

  1. Click on the settings button located in the manage my drop down menu
  2. Click the Developer API button located in the left hand menu.
  3. Your API Token is displayed in the access details panel.
  4. To regenerate your Token, click the regenerate API Token checkbox.
  5. Click Save Changes

Your development resource can then use this token to access your SimpleKPI data.

More information regarding the API can be found here.