Calculated KPIs

Calculated KPIs provide a simple and efficient way of producing automated calculations such as averages and ratios using formulas.

Calculated KPIs
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For example to find the average sales value of an item you would create two KPIs:

  • Sales Revenue
  • Number of Sales

By then creating a Calculated KPI that automatically takes the 'Sales Revenue' and divides this by the 'Number of Sales' you get the average sales value.

  1. To create a Calculated KPI click the KPIs tab
  2. Enter the details for your Calculated KPI and click the show advanced options
  3. To create a formula select the KPI you would like to use in your calculation
  4. Click the '/' divide operator from the operator menu
  5. Select the second KPI you wish to divide by
  6. Finally select how you would like the KPI to be aggregated:
    1. Sum Total: Will sum the KPI values together when displaying in dashboard views and reports
    2. Average: Will average the values and is mostly used for % or ratio based calculated KPIs

Calculated KPIs appear on the data entry sheet, but as they are automatically calculated you cannot enter any values against them.