The KPI Screen Explained

The KPI Tab is designed to allow those responsible for KPI maintenance to create, edit and manage the KPIs used in the system.

When you add new KPIs they will be displayed on this screen. The main attributes for each KPI can be seen in the KPI row.

  1. ID: The unique reference number of the KPI
  2. Icon: The icon used throughout the system for the KPI
  3. Name: The name of the KPI
  4. Description: The description of the KPI
  5. The Frequency: This is when the KPI should be recorded
  6. Format: The chosen format for the KPI such as % or $
  7. The Direction: Which direction is good, for example sales should have an upward direction whilst complaints should be a downward direction
  8. The Target: What is the Target of this KPI

You can change any of these settings by clicking on the orange edit icon to the left of the KPI ID number.

From the KPI list screen you can also disable KPIs so they no longer appear on the data entry screen or you can delete a KPI and all its historical entries.

  • To delete or disable a KPI click the [Disable] or [Delete] buttons on the right hand side of the KPI detail box.

You can use the Add Data button to automatically go to the data entry tab to add data for this KPI.

You can also add KPIs or import KPIs from a spread sheet.

More information on adding KPIs can be found here.
More information on uploading KPIs can be found here.